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“The Power of Natural Mentoring is your unique capacity to make a difference in the life of a younger woman or girl; to help her bloom as her true adult self and lead in a world of unrelenting transition.”

—Christine G. Wagner

Step into your power as a Natural Mentor

Discover your capacity to positively contribute
your life wisdom to future generations.

By supporting the growing self-awareness of a girl or younger colleague, you will help her to see herself in the most authentic light; identify her talents and gifts; recognize her leadership potential; find—and speak—her voice.  Neither of you will ever be the same.

What is Natural Mentoring?

Natural Mentoring is a nurturing and sustained shared relationship between adult women and girls or young women who are naturally in each other’s lives. Think of your younger sister, your niece, your friend’s daughter, your granddaughter, your student, or a younger or less experienced colleague. Natural Mentors listen. They provide support, guidance, experiences, and encouragement in safe, trusting spaces.

How does Natural Mentoring differ from other mentoring?

Most mentoring programs operate through a formal “matching” process: a youth mentoring organization, a business, or an educational institution determines the pair based on their own predetermined criteria. Natural Mentoring occurs organically when young people are already in adults’ lives, or when professional adults “see something” in younger or less experienced colleagues and are drawn to help them succeed and lead.

Can I be a Natural Mentor?

You probably already are! If there is a girl or young woman who is already in your life, you have the capacity to mentor her. You can intentionally deepen your relationship and your impact on her life—as well as expand your own self-awareness and leadership capacity— through the lifelong learning and experiential opportunities you will read about in The Power of Natural Mentoring: Shaping the Future for Women and Girls.

What are people saying about The Power of Natural Mentoring?

Our relationships shape who we become throughout our lives. This scientifically grounded, experientially-rich book will help guide you as a “Natural Mentor” for a younger woman or girl’s life to effectively and enjoyably support their growth toward a life of meaning and resilience.  Filled with illuminating and compelling examples, The Power of Natural Mentoring is a brilliant synthesis of a range of research fields that inform a practical toolkit of thriving to create relationships that will have a lasting impact and help not only the individual you mentor, but also our world to become a more caring, compassionate place for all.

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

New York Times best-selling author of Mind, Aware, and Brainstorm

I adore this book! Refreshingly practical, deeply inspiring, it’s the exact manual every manager, coach, mother, sister, teacher, HR professional—every person who wants to make a difference!—has been waiting for. This book is going to change so many lives, including yours.

Jennifer Louden

Best-selling author of The Women’s Comfort Book
and Why Bother? Discover the Desire for What’s Next


I couldn’t be happier to see you here.

I’m Christine, and connecting women and girls through Natural Mentoring relationships has been my passionate pursuit for more than a decade. I love and deeply respect young people and felt in my heart there had to be a mutually life-enriching way to make a difference on their journey to adulthood. Toward that end, I’ve studied, researched, interviewed, facilitated and spoken enthusiastically about Natural Mentoring.

Here’s my 2013 TEDx about the inspiration for The Power of Natural Mentoring:

I invite you to explore all there is to love about The Power of Natural Mentoring!

“Your gift is to mirror the beauty of her uniqueness.
Complete the virtual course POWER2THRIVE, apply the principles of
The Power of Natural Mentoring to your relationship, and enhance both your lives.”

—Christine G. Wagner



POWER2THRIVE is a series of workshops designed for women Natural Mentors and the girls or young women in their lives. Reimagined for the digital age amid COVID-19 concerns, the program is currently offered as virtual courses through POWER2THRIVE for Youth Natural Mentoring and POWER2THRIVE for Professional Natural Mentoring.

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The purpose of POWER2THRIVE is to reveal to women who want to be remarkable Natural Mentors their capacity to engage with and support girls and young women to know themselves, unleash their authentic leadership potential and thrive. The program progresses through five content areas designed to build self-awareness as well as equip Natural Mentors with skills, methods and experiences to empower themselves and the young women in their lives.

Both POWER2THRIVE virtual courses are patterned after the live workshops. They can be tailored to your girl-serving organization, educational institution or field of business for professional development and train-the-trainer opportunities. We partner with you to tailor the timing and content of workshop activities, so the natural mentoring program meets the unique requirements of the youth you serve, and the retention and engagement needs of your field, your organization and its people.

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