We’re having a great time mailing out books for the Happy Women Dinners’ 3-Session Virtual Book Club, The Power of Natural Mentoring.  The first session on February 18 will introduce the book and give you some fascinating background about Natural Mentoring. We’ll progress through the book, reading it together, and by the third and last Book Club session you’ll have a solid foundation and tools to embrace that girl or young woman in your life as her Natural Mentor. 

Register for these three sessions by February 15 through Jill Daniel at her email address: As soon as we receive your registration, your book will be in the mail.

Step into your power as a Natural Mentor.  Make the difference only you can make.  Be among the first to learn how to experience all there is to love about #ThePowerofNaturalMentoring. 

I can’t wait to discuss the book with you as you’re reading it!

Heartful Care in this Season of Gratitude

Heartful Care in this Season of Gratitude

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Time with loved ones gathered together, preparing (and eating!) the traditional meal, sharing excitement and joy at the start of the holiday season with family and friends. Incomparable!

For the well-being of these same family and friends, this year we choose to stay apart. Socially distanced. I’m not alone in grieving over what’s not typical in 2020. Our joy feels limited by the scope of pain and frustration–especially risks and precautions we must take around COVID-19.

Regardless, I am grateful. Thankful for the time we do have; for the less-than-picture-perfect tiny gatherings we will treasure with loved ones who share physical space as well as those dear to us who will connect with us virtually or celebrate in heart.

I’m thinking about everyone finding their way through this year, especially those who inspired me to launch my book, The Power of Natural Mentoring, despite a global pandemic. In considering ways to celebrate when our traditions have been turned upside down, I can’t help wondering how to capture joy that still persists although we may find ourselves spending much of this holiday time alone.

It’s given me a fresh perspective.

In many ways, this holiday season will be a time to surrender to rest and restoration, and to prioritize self-care. It’s the same prescription for the most stressful of “normal” holiday seasons—so could this shift in perspective be a gift in itself?

Because while we restore ourselves, the simplest gifts for those we love are often the most soul-nourishing. The profoundly wise Viktor Frankl wrote, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” 

The Power of Natural Mentoring is written for any woman who cares about a girl or younger woman, seeks to deepen their mutual self-awareness and walk beside her as she discovers her authentic voice and develops the courage to use it in the world. Consider this role for yourself or someone you love in 2021, and think of the book as a perfect gift or stocking stuffer to begin this two-way journey. (You can order it here.)

I’m also grateful and delighted to announce that book clubs, friend groups and women in business circles are already scheduling discussion groups around Natural Mentoring!  If your group is interested as well, we have created virtual discussion decks to keep the conversation flowing. You can find a discussion starter at the top of this page. It is a quote you’ll read in the book from one of the women who spoke with me during my Natural Mentoring research.

I’d be honored to join your virtual group’s book discussion. Simply reply to this email for more details about scheduling a 60-minute book discussion with me beginning in January. That’s something we can all look forward to in the New Year! 

As 2021 draws closer, we’ll kick-off two virtual, interactive courses designed for those who want to bring the most power to their professional or youth Natural Mentoring relationships. Stay tuned for more information and dates for the launch of these courses.

Cheers to each of you for the beginning of a restorative & restful holiday season! 

Thanks! I See You!

Thanks! I See You!

We were thrilled by the turnout at our Virtual Book Launch Party last Sunday evening. It was wonderful to see everyone and feel your love and support!

After many COVID months of physical separation, we are all longing for connection and community. Despite the reality of “Zoom fatigue” it is still amazing we can sense each other’s presence during a virtual event and actually feel seen.

That’s why the African greeting Sawubona is such a beautiful way to receive someone.

I see you acknowledges our personhood, our interconnectedness, our shared humanity. Truly seeing another is a great honor and show of respect. I am, because you are. Feeling seen brings the other person to life. They can respond with conviction, I am here.

In Sawubona awareness, a person is a person because of other people. We become ourselves through our relationships and shared experiences. This is the crux and the heart of The Power of Natural Mentoring. In sharing a younger woman or girl’s journey to knowing herself fully as she becomes the woman she is meant to be, her Natural Mentor protects a safe space of trust where they can both feel truly seen. It’s far from a one-way street. It is a shared ride through a lifelong learning journey that benefits both immeasurably.

Enormous thanks to Sherrill Knezel, whose superb graphic recording is featured at the top of this page. Her illustration leaves us with a tangible memory of the book launch and captures the experiences of five women whose stories are in The Power of Natural Mentoring: Shaping the Future for Women and Girls. Warm gratitude to Ava, Julie, Kelly, Nicole and Vanessa for sharing the spotlight!

Congratulations to Jane Kelley and Alissa Tollefson, winners of Thrive Theory sterling silver & peridot earrings, thanks to Jenn Bajec, founder of Thrive Theory Design as well as our very own Brand Strategist & Creative Director of The Power of Natural Mentoring. Jenn is the artistic inspiration behind our heart-centered branding and gorgeous website!

Exciting news! This week, best-selling author Jennifer Louden (The Woman’s Comfort Book, Why Bother?) released a categorized list of her favorite books. I’m thrilled to tell you The Power of Natural Mentoring: Shaping the Future for Women and Girls is on the list! You can find it on Jen’s website under the category of Inner Work and Coaching.

Thanks for sending photos of yourselves with The Power of Natural Mentoring book after you received it! It’s been a blast posting these to social media. Keep posting these photos, and when you’ve finished reading the book, your reviews on Amazon will further spread the word! (It may help to check out other book reviews to get in the review writing groove.)

Can’t wait to share all that’s still to come from The Power of Natural Mentoring!

You’re Invited

You’re Invited

What a week! It’s been a true joy hearing from and connecting with so many of you after we announced the release of The Power of Natural Mentoring: Shaping the Future for Women and Girls! I’m filled with gratitude for your words and responses, and especially for having you
in my life.

And there’s more! I can’t wait to let you in on the gifts of Natural Mentoring and invite you to celebrate with us at a Virtual Book Launch Party on Zoom, Sunday evening, October 25, from 8 – 9 PM eastern time. Come and meet four of the Natural Mentors whose stories are in the book!

Ava, a student whose Natural Mentor’s firm belief that young people have impact and can make a difference helped her with the self-awareness to discover—and speak—her voice.

Vanessa, a new teacher whose professional Natural Mentor gave her time and mirrored strength—and who now continues to be a Natural Mentor to others in her career.

Julie, whose continuing Natural Mentoring relationship with her younger half-sister has provided role modeling and encouragement, and whose Natural Mentoring relationship with her first manager has evolved into a mutually supportive friendship.

Nicole, a professional Natural Mentor who saw leadership potential in a new hire, forged a relationship with her, and deepened it with care.

Kelly, whose Natural Mentor’s quiet confidence and loving support allowed Kelly to make a life decision—and be willing to fail, pivot, and discover alternatives on her own.

Say hello to Sherrill Knezel, talented artist and graphic recorder whose illustrations grace both front and back covers and inside pages of the book—and watch as she graphically records the Launch Party live on her iPad.

Visit our website,, and RSVP YES on the Launch Party invitation to join us!

Your signup makes you eligible to receive an extra special gift that will be awarded at the end of the launch party.

You will also be the first to learn about fascinating ways to experience all there is to love about #ThePowerofNaturalMentoring.

RSVP and see you on Sunday!
With love and appreciation,

Exciting Book Launch News!

Exciting Book Launch News!

After years of researching, interviewing and writing, I am overjoyed to announce my book, The Power of Natural Mentoring: Shaping the Future for Women and Girls, is available NOW for pre-order and will be shipped before the end of the month!

The time has come to fine-tune the role of Natural Mentor.

Months of COVID isolation and confusion are highlighting the importance of intergenerational connections as nothing else could.

Adolescent girls, young women and the adults who care about them require each other’s trusting support. Deepening our connections is essential in transforming ourselves and encouraging transformation in each other. Through Natural Mentoring relationships we create and forge new ways of thriving and leading in a world in flux.

If you’re a caring adult in a girl or younger woman’s life, this book is for you.

Discover how close relationships with significant adults can provide a critical growth and support network through
• an integration of compelling stories of women and girls,
• brain development research, and a
• how-to guide for becoming a Natural Mentor.

#ThePowerofNaturalMentoring team and I enthusiastically invite you to connect with us to learn more about the book and all the exciting opportunities we are planning. While you’re exploring the site, www.ThePowerofNaturalMentoring.comand download a complimentary copy of the book’s introduction as my way of saying thanks!

Mark your calendar and join us to celebrate Sunday, October 25, at a virtual book launch party. I’m excited and honored to introduce you to some of the Natural Mentors whose stories are featured in the book. Watch for details, coming soon.

Don’t miss this moment! Join #ThePowerofNaturalMentoring movement. Subscribe, follow, like and pre-order The Power of Natural MentoringTODAY!

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You're Invited!

You're Invited!

Meet Christine & the Natural Mentors featured in the book on Sunday, October 25, 2020, at 5P Pacific / 8P Eastern


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You're Invited!

You're Invited!

Meet Christine & some of the Natural Mentors featured in the book on Sunday, October 25, 2020, at 5P Pacific / 8P Eastern


You've been added to the list! An event link will be sent to your email.